Newcomers Frequently Asked Questions

What are “Quests” and “Mini-Campaigns” I am seeing advertised?

On Midgard Adventures, a “Quest” is a one-session adventure. All adventures take place in Midgard: this means that you will have characters you carry from one adventure to another, gaining experience, leveling, and earning equipment and gold as you go, in a larger story in which the whole server contributes. Similarly, a Mini-Campaign follows this process over multiple sessions. From the first session of any campaign on Midgard Adventures, your characters cannot enter other Quests or Campaigns until you complete the current adventure.

How do I make a character to play in this Server’s Quests and Mini-Campaigns?

You will need to use a digital character sheet, such as one hosted on D&D Beyond or Roll20’s Vault system, with up-to-date records of your character’s games. At Midgard Adventures we use the 27 point-buy methods for Ability Score generation or standard array. You will never need to roll during character creation. You may choose to start at Level 1 or 3 and will begin with 0 session points regardless. Your character also starts with the equipment and gold provided by your class and background. For information regarding what resources you may and may not draw from, please check out the links in our Organized Play Rulebook beginning at page 8.

But how do full Campaigns work?

Campaigns lasting a long time, such as published books like Empire of the Ghouls, for instance, also follow the same rules as Quests and Mini-Campaigns, except you should expect longer playtime and to make a character specifically for each campaign. Full Campaigns and some Mini-campaigns do not follow the MIP and Session Points systems during their duration. The GM will level you on a milestone basis and award treasure during the adventure. Upon the conclusion of the game, there is a path to transition your character for general play.

More information on campaign characters can be found here.

What are MIPs and Session Points?

MIPs are a point system that caps the number of permanent magic items any character can own through their adventuring career. Each Permanent Magical Item (excluding Mundane things and Consumables that disappear after use) is assigned “Magic Item Points” based on their rarity. An individual PC can’t have more MIPs than Session Points. As for Session Points, they roughly translate to “hours played”, and are awarded at the end of an adventure for each hour of play.

How do I use the Character Log on your website?

The character log keeps a running total for your characters through their lifetime. The character log entry form is available at

You can view the character log by using this community link (

How and when can I become a GM on this server?

We have several expectations for our GMs. In general, we want GMs who have experience in our community as a player for a bit. We find this helps with consistency and generally improves our player’s experience. When you feel you have this experience, please look over our rules for becoming a GM here, and fill out our GM volunteer application, and await someone from the Council to respond (usually in 1-2 days).

Tell me more about how I use D&D Beyond.

D&D Beyond is simple to use but will require a subscription to ‘homebrew’ any Kobold Press material since third-party supplements are not supported there. While you likely can find savvy users on this Discord to share their legwork with you, it is preferred you do not share copyrighted material on the Homebrew Sections of D&D beyond. Alternatively, you may always use the built-in characters sheets available from the VTT of DM’s choice.