Game Master Frequently Asked Questions

How do I volunteer to be a GM with Midgard Adventures?

Just sign up today!! You don’t need any previous GMing experience, nor is there age restrictions (although you should have a few session playing under your belt). We need creative story tellers to want to take players on fantastic adventures, and who can provide a fun experience for others (we want you to have fun too). You can run as many sessions as you can commit to running. But we ask that you commit to running at least one, 3-hour sessions per month. More information about becomming a GM for Midgard Adventures can be found here.

If I'm GMing games, can I play in other sessions?

Yep. You can play in any other sessions offered.

Is there a code of conduct for game masters (GMs)?

Yes. GM are subject to same Code of Conduct as everyone else. Our Code of Conduct is consistent with policies used in conventions, D&D Adventurers League, Pathfinder Society, game stores, and other organized play organizations. Midgard Adventures is about learning, improving and growing as a GM. To ensure we are a reputable and respected resource for all GMs, we have established rules of conduct that we expect our everyone to follow. These rules ensure that we meet our obligations to Midgard Adventures and to the larger gaming community. Creating a great gaming experience for our Community helps to grow our hobby. Our first expectation is that you will read and be familiar with our main Code of Conduct. We understand it’s not the most fun part of being a Midgard Adventures GM, but it is a critical responsibility.

I’m a GM.  Can I run 5e Adventurers League content?

No. Midgard Adventures is not affiliated with D&D Adventurers League.

I’m a GM: What can I run for the 5e Midgard Group?

GMs may run any adventure they choose, so long as it takes place somewhere in Midgard. A GM can run any purchased Midgard adventures, one-shots, short modules (taking several sessions), and campaigns that are published by Kobold Press, taking into account the suggested average party level and party size. This includes sources such as Prepared 1 & 2, Warlock Lairs, Book of Lairs, Eldritch Lairs, Last Gasp, etc. For multi-session games, we’ll run purchased modules like Cat and Mouse, Wrath of the River King, Grimalkin, Sanctuary of Belches, Tomb of Tiberesh, The Raven’s Call, The Tomb of Mercy, Shadows of the Dusk Queen, etc. If you are industrious enough to design your own Midgard one-shots or multi-session campaigns, suggested sources of inspiration (that include APL) are Demon Cults & Secret Societies, Streets of Zobeck, and the Midgard World Book itself.

Are their any GM Rewards for running a game?

As a GM, you earn session points and 1.5 times the gold players received for the Midgard Adventures sessions you run. Details our found on page 22 of our Organized Play Rulebook.

I can't find the answers to my question here.  Are their other FAQ pages?

Yes. We have other FAQs: