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Midgard Adventures Fan-Organized Play is entirely a volunteer organization.  The names of the leadership team are followed by their Discord alias.

Clayton Thomson @ClaytonThomson

Head of Midgard Adventures and the ring-able neck (email)


Mitch P. @Lazzamore

Council Member

Amy B. @Artemis Jones

Council Member

Ross S. @Lando_The_Archmagi

Council Member

Eric H. @obsequious

Council Member

Kyle L. @ruffruff13#2473

Council Member


The Council is a formal body of advisers to the head of Midgard Adventures, and assists in deciding and adjudicating rules, guidelines, content usage, and conduct violations. If a council vote ends in a tie, the head of the organization will vote to break the tie or veto any measure voted on by the council that is not in the best interests of the organization.


In partnership with the head of the organization, the council's primary function is to ensure the good reputation of Midgard Adventures, serve the needs of the community, recruit players and game masters, schedule games, and maintain good relations with content publishers.  


Most importantly, the council and the head of Midgard Adventures must ensure that all of the organization’s actions and policies are consistent with the Kobold Press Community Use Policy and other organized play RPG organizations.

Ad Hoc Committees

Midgard Adventures is an organic organization that derives its goals and motivations from its community. The Council is where those goals and motivations are generally distilled down to become the rules, policies, and guidelines we use in our interaction with others around the table and throughout the community. It is the core of what we are trying to do, say, and how we portray our hobby and organization. 


From time-to-time, the council may elect to spin up a committee to work on a particular project.  Committees take their direction from the Council and report back with a recommendation or plan.


This committee coordinates and engages with the general community on our Discord server and social media; welcomes newcomers to the community; answers questions; and settles conflicts through direct engagement.  This committee coordinates community-building events (including recruiting players and DMs), as well as setting policies and procedures for scheduling and registering for games.  The committee collaborates with the other committees to make sure nothing is done or proposed that will damage the morale of the organization or project an outward appearance to others that are not in line with our internal values.  Most importantly, they ensure that nothing we do as an organization impacts the good reputation of Kobold Press or places us out of compliance with their Community Use Policy.

Rules & Content

This committee evaluates feedback from the community to ensure that we provide a good foundation of rules, guidelines, and a variety of 5e content that result in fun and fair gameplay.  This committee also would evaluate all non-Midgard content to determine if it makes sense to include it in organized play and if it complements Midgard’s lore.  Most importantly, they ensures that new content does not alter what is canon within the Midgard setting.  


We use our two credos as our guiding star in all rules change and content additions:


  1. Put fun first, and

  2. Keep the rules of the group simple and lightweight.


Creation and maintenance of the conduct rules that we expect all members of the organization to follow. The power of Midgard Adventures comes from our name and reputation, and we will protect our name and those who seek to cause harm to it, even inadvertently. This includes our Code of Conduct policies. We are an organization that welcomes all who wish to play D&D and support their hobby. This committee will fairly investigate reports of conduct violations in a confidential manner and make recommendations to the council for action.

Game Master Training

We need to constantly work at honing our craft and become examples for those wishing to throw their hat in the game mastering ring. None of us started as great game masters (GMs), and we all worked on our craft over the years or even decades of playing. 


Supporting all our game masters is how we pass on what we have learned to those who will carry the flag forward when our turns are done.  The committee is responsible for recruiting new game masters and for the design of our general GM curriculum; define useful and actionable metrics that allow for continuous improvement; schedule and host periodic training seminars, and adjust those seminars as needed.

IRL and Conventions

Playing online is great, but it is even better in-person.  The goal of the committee is to expand our reach through the establishment of local organized play in our communities for the Midgard Campaign setting and to provide convention support to Kobold Press as needed. 


This committee guides local organizers who wish to start an organized play-group under the Midgard Adventures umbrella; establish standards for optimal venues and use of our brand; ensure local groups comply with Kobold Press’s Community Use Policy and Midgard Adventures rules, guidelines, and code of conduct policies.  


We will also identify regional conventions where we can host Midgard Setting games in any official or unofficial capacity.  Additionally, we want to be a resource to Kobold Press convention coordinators to ascertain their needs and help recruit qualified DMs to staff tables as needed.


The committee intends to become a resource, if needed, to Kobold Press’s playtesting programs, and coordinators to test new content and to provide constructive feedback on a timely basis to the company. 


We can quickly organize tables of players and DMs to test, discuss, and document playtest results in the manner in which Kobold Press requires. Our goal is to establish and maintain good relationships with Kobold Press play test coordinators, authors, and designers where appropriate. 


In the future, this group will be responsible for testing community created content (CCC) to help the author and designers create the best content possible and following industry standards.

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