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by playing Dungeons & Dragons® 5e

Welcome to Midgard Adventures Fan Organized Play

Play New Races, Archetypes, Spells, Feats,
and Backgrounds for D&D 5E

The Midgard Heroes Handbook for 5th Edition by Kobold Press is filled with setting specific options for players, and the Midgard Adventures organized play group is a fantastic place try those out.


  • More than 48 new class options, including new bard colleges and paladin oaths

  • Martial, ranger, rogue archetypes, new weapons, and gear

  • A new druid circle and a dozen new cleric domains including Beer, Justice, and Moon domains

  • Sorcerous bloodlines, new warlock pacts, and strange arcane traditions

  • 20 backgrounds from the Southlands to the distant North,

  • Over 300 new spells from the fan-favorite Deep Magic series, including shadow magic, clockwork magic, battle magic, rune magic and more!


Create a character, create ten.

About Midgard Adventures

Midgard Adventures is a fan-organized play group for the Kobold Press Midgard Campaign setting. We communicate and plan via our Discord server, play our games on Fantasy GroundsFoundry VTT or Roll20 virtual tabletops.  Discord is typically used for voice during our sessions.



Not ready to jump onto our Discord Community yet? Wondering what this is all about? Have a particular question? Send us an e-mail! Or alternatively fill in the form below, and we will get back to you shortly.

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